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SpeedThrills Mac Upgrades | Tunbridge Wells | A&E IT aka AdamAndEveIT

SpeedThrills™ Super fast Macs by A&E IT

"Thank you for revolutionising my Mac experience. I now have a super-responsive computer instead of a frustratingly slow one.
As a non-techie person, I appreciated your understanding, calm and patience. Thank you for a great service. I wish I had found A&E IT sooner!” 

Clare Brattle, Frant, East Sussex


“Just got home, plugged in the MacMini
and wow! Blown away by the speed.
All apps load in seconds. So impressed.
Great service and speedy return!” 

Chris Walker, Buckingham, Bucks


“Thank you very much Rich for a truly unique service. The machine is not just a speed freak. What makes it so special is that you can’t even get one like it from Apple!” 
Pieter Claassen, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


“The service is excellent: efficient and straightforward!” 
Ravida Clay, Holland Park, London


“I have just had a 'Super Mac' built by these guys. It's unbelievable! Speed is outasight!” 
Olufemi Ladiende, Welling, Kent


“The iMac is fabulous” 
Paul Evans, Brede, East Sussex


“It's brilliant. So fast.
It's a completely different machine!” 

Vanessa Horne, Greenwich, London




Welcome to the A&E IT SpeedThrills™ Custom Program. A&E IT is your best choice for fast Apple Mac upgrades. Now available to anyone with a slow Mac who wants it transformed into a super-fast performance machine. We'll collect, service, test and upgrade it before returning it. For those further afield, we'll deliver by courier anywhere in the world. So now anyone can have their Apple Mac SpeedThrills™ upgraded by A&E IT.


Our ultra-reliable, SpeedThrills™ upgrades are super-quick. In day-to-day use they match or exceed the performance of even the very latest Apple machines. We offer the service for Macbook Pros, MacMinis, iMacs and MacPros. There is no recent Apple computer that we can't completely transform in terms of speed and reliability - even those 'thin' models that Apple designs as 'un-upgradeable' can be given a new lease of life using top quality, branded components, expertly fitted and configured for serious grunt.


Unlike other Apple specialists, we do much more than simply replace your old hard drive with an SSD. Solid state drives will give you speed but you'll sacrifice storage space. An A&E IT SpeedThrills™ upgrade gives you both an SSD and an additional, high capacity hard drive which means you'll get the benefits of both speed and cavernous storage. Take all your music, photos, videos and data wherever you go! We configure everything so the Operating System 
automatically knows what type of file to write to what disk. You just use it as you always have and leave the system to deal with the rest. Th
is is the best performing upgrade you can give any Apple Mac and if required for resale, can be reversible too.